Italy is home to some of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world. Etruscans and Greek settlers produced wine in the country long before the Romans started developing their own vineyards in the second century BC. Roman grape-growing and winemaking was prolific and well-organised, pioneering large-scale production and storage techniques like barrel-making and bottling.  Two thousand years later, Italy remains one of the world’s foremost producers, responsible for approximately one-fifth of world wine production.

Most wine-making in Italy is done in modern wineries. However, villagers who make wine for their own use sometimes still tread the grapes with their bare feet, until the juice is squeezed out. They believe this ancient method still makes the best wine.

For the purpose of this website, I have decided to focus on five regions:
Alto Adige-Trentino


There are many other regions that offer beautiful scenery, wines and adventures, but at this time, I selected the five mentioned above for their tourist-friendly facilities and the larger number of wineries and vineyards that offer tastings. Having traveled extensively thoughout Italy, it pained me to leave out some of my favorite places, so hopefully at some point in the future I will have the time to re-visit this section and add them in.

The combination of fine wines, fantastic food and a friendly and life-loving population makes Italy a must for anyone interested in sampling the some of the worlds’ best wines, cheeses, salamis, truffles and deserts. The pace of life in Italy brings you back to an earlier time when “afternoon naps” were considered a part of daily life.

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